User Operations
General Terms and Conditions regarding OTOKAR Aftersales Portal

1. This agreement is issued between Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi AS (herein after referred to as OTOKAR) and end user (herein after referred to as User) who demands technical information (software, special tools, service documentation, operation manuals, spare part catalogues etc...) via OTOKAR Aftersales Portal (herein after referred as RMI website)

2. Relation between OTOKAR and User starts with the completion of user registration to use OTOKAR RMI Website after acceptance of terms and conditions herein and other registration procedures which has to be completed by User.

3. User shall declare correct information while filling in the required areas on the registration form. OTOKAR has no legal or financial obligation of any kind in case any harm damage that occurs due to the incorrect information declared by User during the registration process.

4. User shall define a password to use OTOKAR RMI website and the User has the sole responsibility for keeping the username and password safe. No responsibility can be attributed to OTOKAR for the misuse of the username and password.-User profiles can be updated time to time by owner of the account.

5. After registration process is completed, User shall have the right to enter OTOKAR RMI website to buy RMI documents and technical data which is released by Otokar.

6. Should any improper usage be determined by OTOKAR, OTOKAR may block User or delete the account from OTOKAR RMI website database at its discretion..

7. Upon the completion of registration process and the entrance by improper internet usage/connection to the RMI website, should any direct, indirect, special or other damages occurs due to the improper internet usage/connection, in no way OTOKAR may be required to remedy such damages. User has to take every precaution to eliminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful items to the…. .

8. All legal relations between Otokar and User with regard to use of OTOKAR RMI website are determined by the terms and conditions under this Agreement. Other general terms and conditions do not apply even if they have not explicitly been contradicted in a particular instance.

9. Information which are published on website, are exclusive to OTOKAR and OTOKAR’s supplier which are serving with products, services and etc. OTOKAR does not accept any liability for ensuring the completeness or correctness of the information provided through the links of suppliers.

10. RMI website may contain third-party website links which are checked at the time of construction of this web site. Since this link is just a gateway to the Subcontractor of OTOKAR, the conditions and purchase price of the RMI documents is totally out of OTOKAR’s responsibility. OTOKAR has no responsibility to check links regularly and-shall not be liable for the content and required information which is provided in third parties websites.

11. Users undertakes and agrees not to share the , information which is retrieved from RMI website with third parties. Users are responsible for the protection of the confidentiality of the information which are provided to him via RMI website

12. Repair maintenance work should be carried out by well trained and fully qualified staff in the lights of information which is provided on OTOKAR RMI website. OTOKAR assumes no liability or responsibility for the failures which may be caused by improper interventions.

13. OTOKAR reserves the right to cancel the warranty of the vehicles repaired by third parties and unauthorized workshop by the guidance of the information on OTOKAR RMI website

14. All materials which are provided on OTOKAR RMI website are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of OTOKAR and OTOKAR’s suppliers.

15. English is referenced for this agreement being prepared. In case of a conflict arising from any translation errors to other languages, English version shall prevail.

16. This agreement is subject to the laws of Turkey. UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply;